Complete Upper & Lower Dentures

Dentures that replace the teeth of a completely toothless upper and lower jaws.

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Complete Upper & Partial Lower Dentures

Dentures that replace the teeth of a completely toothless upper jaw and a partially toothless lower jaw.

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Complete Upper or Complete Lower Dentures

A Denture that replaces the lost teeth of a completely toothless upper or lower jaw.

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Partial Upper or Partial Lower Dentures

A Denture that replaces the lost teeth of a partially toothless upper or lower jaw.

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Denture Relines, Repairs and Additions

A denture reline is the process of replacing the old fitting surface of a denture with the new fitting surface of a denture The process of replacing broken teeth or repairing a broken denture base of a denture. The process of adding artificial teeth to an existing denture after the loss of natural teeth.

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Custom Fitted, Protective Mouthguards

A plastic cushioning device, custom fitted by a Dental Prosthetist to fit around natural teeth to help protect the teeth from damage due to sudden impact.

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Meet The Team – Denture Clinic

The Clinical Team

Paul WernerPaul Werner FADPA

Dental Prosthetist
AdvDipDP(SYD), DipDT(SYD).

Paul, is the proprietor of the denture clinics, located in Reservoir and in Keysborough, Victoria. He is a recognised Medibank Members' Choice Extras provider . He is also a Fellow member of the Australian Dental Prosthetists' Association.

With his many years of experience (since 1972) and good reputation, people come to see him from all around Melbourne, in particular the northern and southern suburbs. He is registered and endorsed by the department of health to provide all aspects of removable denture treatment. He is recognized by all health insurances. His special interests are with lightweight flexible Dentures an Dentures over implants.

As past Vice President and Board member of his professional Association Paul has been involved in many political delegations to improve standards within his own profession. He is well liked by his peers and is active as a dedicated member.

In 1988 he was asked to help design a computer program for Health Practitioners. This led him to develop a serious interest in IT. His special interests are in providing invisible clasping of partial Dentures and Dentures over implants.

He is a devoted father of two sons Andrew and Robert, married to his very much loved wife Patricia, who has been of great inspiration and support for many years.

Robert WernerRobert Werner

Dental Prosthetist
B.Appl.Sc,, AdvDipDP

After finishing year 12, Robert finished University with a Bachelor of Applied Science. He decided on a career in Real Estate which led him to learn how to provide professional service to clients who entrusted him with the sale of their home. After years of long hours he decided to change his career and follow his fathers footsteps.

Following six years of further studies he became qualified and registered as a Dental Prosthetist.

His interest is in particular in the design, manufacture and clinical provision of lightweight flexible Dentures. He also overlooks our laboratory quality standards.


The Laboratory Team

Working in our safe and hygienic clinic, all of our denture professionals are highly qualified and registered with the General Dental Council, meaning we're fully licensed and qualified to provide you with your Dentures.

Nancy XuNancy Xu

Dental Technician

Nancy joined us in 2011.. She has proven to be a reliable member of the team. With a quiet demeanour she is liked by all because of her reliability and dedication to do good work. She speaks mandarin and often helps with translations. She looks after our laboratory at Keysborough and Reservoir.

Administration / Management / Infection Control

Patricia WernerPatricia Werner R.N (Trish)
Grad Dip.(Nursing), Grad. Dip.(Bus)

Trish is a Nurse who for many years worked for public and private hospitals in ICU,CCU and Emergency. Married to Paul she agreed to join the team in 2007 on a part time basis. She was well equipment to assist with setting up clinical standards for infection control and the establishment of practice manuals. Now full time she is our Practice Manager for all our clinics. She keeps an eye on all activities and liaises with patients and staff on a daily basis.

Patient Appointments
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