Complete Upper & Lower Dentures

Dentures that replace the teeth of a completely toothless upper and lower jaws.

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Complete Upper & Partial Lower Dentures

Dentures that replace the teeth of a completely toothless upper jaw and a partially toothless lower jaw.

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Complete Upper or Complete Lower Dentures

A Denture that replaces the lost teeth of a completely toothless upper or lower jaw.

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Partial Upper or Partial Lower Dentures

A Denture that replaces the lost teeth of a partially toothless upper or lower jaw.

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Denture Relines, Repairs and Additions

A denture reline is the process of replacing the old fitting surface of a denture with the new fitting surface of a denture The process of replacing broken teeth or repairing a broken denture base of a denture. The process of adding artificial teeth to an existing denture after the loss of natural teeth.

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Custom Fitted, Protective Mouthguards

A plastic cushioning device, custom fitted by a Dental Prosthetist to fit around natural teeth to help protect the teeth from damage due to sudden impact.

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Costs / Claims

Our clinics use a computerised billing system. Each patient receives a fully itemised account for proper record keeping of payments.

Private Patients

When Dentures are to be constructed it is our policy to ask patients for a deposit upon commencement of treatment with progressive payments and balance upon completion.
GST is not payable on new Denture and at present only denture repairs attract GST on the laboratory value only. Patients who have private dental insurance are able to claim for their prosthetic treatment (Denture, relines, repairs etc.) using the HICAPS system. This means that we will process your claim and collect it on the spot and charge you for the gap only. The gap can be processed using EFTPOS, CreditCard, Cheque or Cash.

Victorian Denture Scheme

This scheme operates through the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne and Community Dental Clinics. Health Care Card (HCC) and Pensioner Card (PC) holders are eligible for Denture made by a Dental Prosthetist. There is a fee for this service. Following application and eligibility, the patient receives a list of practitioners participating in this scheme. The patient pays a small moiety towards the treatment prescribed and the State Government pays the balance.

Veterans' Affairs

Ex-Service personnel who are eligible for treatment under agreement between the Australian Government and other countries veterans may be different to those available to Australian veterans. Check first with the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) as to what services are available to you. In certain circumstances you will need approval from DVA before receiving treatment. Upon assessment by a Dental Prosthetist, our clinic staff are instructed to contact the department and check for eligibility. If granted the patient pays NO fee for Denture. The total fee is claimed by the practitioner from DVA.

Workcare, State Trustees, Aged Care Facilities and Other

Upon assessment a report and/or a quotation are sent to the relevant requesting department/person. A consultation and a report maybe charged for. Upon receiving an authorisation for payment, in writing, relevant prosthetic treatment will commence.

Treatment Plans

We always give a written treatment plan / quotation for any relevant prosthetic treatment patients require. We are NOT in the habit to quote fees over the phone. A patient examination is essential before a quotation can be made. If you are seriously interested in our services feel free to contact us . An appointment is required and as a rule we do NOT charge for this visit nor the quotation.

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